Stranger in a Stranger book

I recently decided that I wanted to read some of the older books a lot of my professors have talked about the last couple of years. I've read a lot of what people would describe as "classic" novels, but I felt like there were a lot of cultural experiences I was missing because I never … Continue reading Stranger in a Stranger book


Final Column: The house she grew up in

Lauralee was home. Thirteen years and seven months after her parents sold it, she bought the house she grew up in. The house had changed some, but then so had she. She graduated high school at the top of her class, joined the Army reserves, got deployed to Africa, came back to North Platte, got … Continue reading Final Column: The house she grew up in

Strange words

As an English major, one of my favorite hobbies is using strange words that nobody will understand without looking them up. Believe you me, there are some strange words out there with even stranger meanings. Also, I always get strange looks for the "believe you me" expression. So here's a list of the weirdest words … Continue reading Strange words